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oh there was totally some sexism and other stuff in friends, but we also have to remember that most shows around then were way worse too. it had its problems, like most things. himym had tons of sexism and commentary on women's weight, and that's much newer. doesn't mean we can't love it. in fact, admitting its faults is important. ignoring them would be worse, yeah? :)

I totally agree!

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i love friends. but let's be honest here (i agree with you) the show was full of sexist rhetoric. i think you can love a show and still critique it.

I know right?!

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To be fair Joey didn't think Rachel needed a husband and seemed confident that she could be a single mother. I think Joey was reacting instinctively to the fact the Dina, unlike Rachel, was young and had no job or income to support herself much less a baby (and if you're in that position maybe you should take extra precautions to make sure you don't have a baby you can't afford). But being Joey he could not pinpoint the exact reason he was feeling that way so he said the most common objection


you’re absolutely right!

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It might not be sexism, but just people caring about others. Dina is Joey's younger sister (right?) so he feels protective and might still see her as a little kid. And Ross thinks Rachel can't handle it alone because, well, it's Rachel and she wasn't independent until very late in her life. Don't you think?

Definitely, but nothing is ever black or white, you know? There were definitely elements of both concern and sexism. I definitely think they cared for them more than anything else, and the sexist part is just subconscious and should be blamed on the society they were raised in because everything they did was only because they cared for the girls. Being a single mom is not impossible, and so many women do it successfully. It’s kinda unfair to say that to a woman who cares about you because she values your opinion, you know what I mean?

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Um, you know, or... They took responsibility for getting the girls that they love pregnant and acknowledged that being a single mother, even in the 90's, is a very hard thing to do and that they would help them. What a negative view. Not everything is intended as sexist. And I'm a chick. People need to learn to let shit roll off their backs. If not it's gonna be miserable, cause like it or not men and women really aren't equal. sick case of penis envy if you ask me.


well “taking responsibility” wasn’t the case for Joey. it was super cynical of him to sleep around and then judge his sister for getting pregnant. it’s fine to let things roll off your back but it’s not okay to be cynical and some men are and that needs to change! no one is envious of anyone’s penis, and women and men SHOULD be equal